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Ben Marshall Management Ltd

Since 2014 Ben Marshall Management Ltd have provided Musicians and Audio Engineers across the UK, USA and Dubai with world class business support services. Our small team of operatives and associates work with artists and musicians spanning multiple genres and ensure that all aspects of their careers and handled efficiently, effectively and ethically leaving our clients to do what they do best, making music.


Tax Planning

Our partner accountants ensure that you get to retain the maximum amount of your earnings whilst staying within the law.

Tour Management

Work with our experienced crew and office team to plan and execute tours anywhere in the world, working towards your pre-defined objectives.

Press & Marketing

Our extensive network of pluggers and PR specialists make sure that you get seen and heard where and when it matters

Contract Management

Our legal services partners offer incredible, exclusive rates to our clients to ensure that all legal aspects of your career and business are in order and handled efficiently and cost effectively.

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